About PhSTQB

Phlippine Software Testing Qualification Association (PhSTQB) is the International Software Qualifications Board (ISTQB) approved national board for Philippines. PhSTQB is responsible for the "ISTQB-CERTIFIED-TESTER" Certification in Philippines. Phlippine Software Testing Qualification Association was founded and was granted permission by ISTQB in 2017.


  • To improve and support the growth of Philippine Software Testing Community.
  • To promote understanding and acceptance of best practices in Software Testing in accordance with ISTQB Guidelines and Syllabus.


  • To promote ISTQB in Philippines via work shops, conferences and other digital media means to Individuals, IT organizations and universities.
  • To bring awareness and establish importance of ISTQB Certifications and best practices.
  • To Create a Pool of ISTQB Certified Software Testing Professionals in Philippines.
  • To Integrate Software Testing and ISTQB certification(CTFL) as a vocational course in Universities.
  • Creating awareness of ISTQB and encourage new Training Provides to become ISTQB Partners.
  • Provide and administer ISTQB exams.
  • Provide training and ISTQB certification.